Mint Brook Meadows Green Tea & Mint

A blend of green tea & peppermint. Place of Origin: Green Tea: Hunan Mountains; Hunan Province, East-Central China Peppermint: Tributary valleys of the Tuscarawas Watershed, Wayne County, Ohio USA. Grown in the mountainous providence of Hunan in east-central China, where tea has been harvested for over a millennia, Green tea is plucked by hand, then dried over a fire by constantly stirring the leaves. The sudden and mysterious appearance of Peppermint was first documented growing in a field in Hertfordshire County, England in 1696 AP. Since its discovery it has been cultivated extensively throughout Europe and North America for its taste and herbal properties. True peppermint, as a hybrid, can not reproduce by seed, and must be transplanted by detaching part of the rootstock. High in anti-oxidant rich polyphenols, Green tea from the China variety tea bush has the lowest caffeine quantity available in natural tea. Peppermint is a natural hybrid used for its soothing of the digestive tract after a meal.