Coppertone Kids Wacky Foam Colorblock Disapearing Colored Sunblcok, Purple, Burstin' Berry Scent, SPF 40

Coppertone Kids Colorblock disappearing Purple Wacky Foam sunblock SPF 40 makes protecting your children from the sun easy, convenient, and a lot more fun. Just point, spray the foam and rub right in! The disappearing purple foam with a great Burstin'' Berry scent makes coverage easier for parents and fun for kids. This light, non-greasy waterproof formula lasts a full 6 hours in and out of the water, and keeps children protected from the sun's burning UVA and UVB rays. The color is safe for skin and can be cleaned from most clothes. Avoid contact with silk, nylon, and carpets. Disappearing Purple: No more missed spots! Purple foam: Helps provide fast and convenient application. 6 Hour waterproof: Ideal for water loving kids. Long lasting: UVA and UVB protection goes on and stays on. Hypoallergenic: Non-irritating and mild, PABA-free. When playing hardreapply the block!