Brown's Bird Lover's Blend Gourmet Songbird

Brown's® Bird Lovers Blend™ Gourmet Songbird. Preferred by bird watching enthusiasts everywhere! A blend with sliced almonds and real apples. Loaded with oil & striped sunflower seeds & safflower seeds. We created Bird Lover's blend for the experienced hobbyist, as well as the novice. This special blend is designed to attract the most desired birds in all seasons and regions. The experience of five generations has helped the Brown's family to develop this product. We know it will bring the beauty of colorful songbirds into your backyard habitat and make the bird feeding experience fun and rewarding for the whole family. Bringing nature to your backyard. Gourmet Songbird is blended with four types of oil seeds that larger songbirds prefer. Plus we've added almond slices and apple dices that add needed fats for energy that taste great too! Millet and fine cracked corn provide carbohydrates that help fulfill their special nutritional needs. There are no fillers in this blend, just everything they love to eat. Nature's helping hand! This advanced blend provides available sources of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, essential nutrients needed for healthy growth and reproduction. Our super clean, virtually dust-free product is simply a better food source for your outdoor birds. Try these blends too! Brown's waste-free! Brown's nut, fruit & berry. Guaranteed analysis: Crude protein (min.) - 14.0%. Crude fat (min.) - 15.0%. Crude fiber (max.) - 25.0%. Moisture (max.) - 15.0%. When it's more than just a Hobby!®. Year-round: High energy! This is a power-packed blend because of the high oil and fat content in our black oil sunflower, stripe sunflower, sunflower hearts and chips and safflower seeds. Just what birds crave! Plus almonds and apples! We've added sliced almonds, that are high in fat and oils for energy. Plus we've included delicious, fiber-rich apple dices that are an extra treat to entice even the most timid songbirds. Super-cleaned ingredients! We super-clean all of our products to ensure the healthiest blend for your birds. Our all-natural ingredients are what birds love most. Attracts the most species! Our blend appeals to most birds, because we've selected the types of seeds, fruits, nuts and grains they crave. We believe you'll agree it's the best blend for all seasons, climates, and regions. Use in most feeders, however larger songbirds prefer platform-style feeders. Wild bird feeding industry. We support: Barrier bag for locked in freshness. Packed fresh. Consumer help line: 1-800-334-8816. "Click", our pet mouse, says visit Brown's website at